Igazi Haematology Nurses Training Course

There has been an urgent need for training of Haematology nurses and allied healthcare workers in SA, as up until now, there have been no learning platforms available that are relevant to South Africa. At last, there is now a theoretical course available online for those who want to learn more about Haematology. This course has been developed and made available by the Igazi Foundation whose mandate is to improve the lives and outcomes of patients with blood cancers & other blood disorders. The local contributors are highly qualified and experienced nurses, pharmacists & dieticians who work with these patients.

This course has been endorsed by SACHaS and SASCeTS, and final accreditation has been done by Prof. Estelle Verburgh, Associate Professor and Specialist Consultant, Clinical Haematology, Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town, and Groote Schuur Hospital. Prof. Vernon Louw, Chair and Head Division of Clinical Haematology Department of Medicine has recommended that all nurses and healthcare workers who work in this field should take part in this course.

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