SASCeTS is the South African Stem Cell Transplant Society. It is an organisation whose members consist of clinical haematologists and medical oncologists who participate in the transplantation of bone marrow / stem cells for the treatment of haematological diseases. Membership is also open to all interested medical practitioners and allied health care professionals.

Executive Committee


The South African Stem Cell Transplantation Society (SASCeTS – hereunder referred to as the Society) is a scientific and educational not for profit organization aiming to bring together hematologists, oncologists, physicians, scientists, nurses, technologists, medical administrators and allied healthcare professionals with an interest in and/or involved in the teaching, research, practice and promotion of haematopoietic cellular stem cell therapy and products.


Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation became a common procedure at university hospitals in Johannesburg and in Cape Town in the mid-1980’s. Although initially most transplants were autologous, there has been a substantial growth in allogeneic transplantation since the early 1990’s. Several transplant groups have been established in the private sector, further increasing the scope of this activity.

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